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Brenda Salamone was born in Tucson, AZ,
but grew up in south Florida.
When she moved to San Diego in 2001,
her art became inspired by the untamed beauty
of the desert, and the crashing waves and giant cliffs
of the Pacific Ocean.

Brenda divides her artistic efforts between her career
creating digital art for educational software,
traditional painting, belly dancing, and writing.
A fiend for animation, she enjoys creating landscapes
in a style reminiscent of the old Warner Bros. cartoons.
Chuck Jones is her hero, and other artists who have
inspired her include Maurice Noble, Eyvind Earle,
Alphonse Mucha, Susan Seddon Boulet, and Maxfield Parrish.
Brenda has also found inspiration for her paintings
from her contemporaries and friends, particularly
Martin Sklar and Deron Cohen. Along with Martin and Deron,
she is an active member of Paint Night Group, an unofficial
organization of artists who have been meeting once a
week for the past 11+ years to create art and share ideas.
She is also a member of the Pastel Society of San Diego, and
her paintings have won awards both locally and internationally.

Recently, Brenda has been working more in abstracts,
but still finds the soothing beauty of nature to be
a favorite subject. Her dream is to travel to the
Scottish Highlands to capture the wild landscapes,
lochs and standing stones of that ancient land.